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India is at the helm of becoming one of the top global innovators and solution providers with a rich diversity in knowledge, science, creativity, and talent. We are the largest democracy, blessed with wide-diversity, great opportunities, and our unique challenges. While we frugally built Mangalyaan, stand as the second-largest smartphone market in the world, our staggering 732 million people are still without basic sanitation, over 63 million people lack clean water and our roads claim 17 deaths every hour. The nation yet has many impediments that need immediate solutions for which we need to blaze a more radical and transformational path towards a better future for all. Industry-Academia partnerships is one such channel that offers a great potential to furnish effective solutions our nation deserves and create an ecosystem to empower society through innovation.

Industry-academia partnerships can yield impactful solutions for the innovation-hungry global marketplace, delivering faster solutions to the end-users or creating new learning avenues for our budding leaders to gain "invaluable exposure". On the quest of creating scalable solutions for all, the handholding delivers significant return on investment and value for money. Increasingly, Industry and academia are exploring the benefits of building long-term, strategic relationships. Partnering with IIT Delhi presents the diverse opportunities of transforming industries shaping lives and communities through sustainable, inclusive and diverse solutions. Benefits of collaboration include.

For Industry

  • Partnering for creating effective technical solutions while expanding visibility

    Through your collaborations and engagements with IIT Delhi, your company will glean recognition among varied communities within the campus and our associates, besides the obvious benefit from our advanced technical expertise. The Corporate Relations Teams will connect you with the pertinent partners and provide the required support for ensuring that the journey ends at the creation of effective technical solutions.

    We will also facilitate the submission of collaborative proposals for major academia-industry grants from government funding agencies to further expand partnership opportunities.

  • Fellowships & Internships

    Graduate students and post-doctoral associates are essential to accelerating discoveries in academic research. Fellowships are synergistic - they provide a way for companies to directly interact with students and learn about their research. Students, in turn, gain important insights from technology leaders. Fellowships and internships create opportunities for the next relationship - Your next Employee in the making!

    Corporates also have options for sponsoring award programs, competitions, art performances, and sporting events that can further increase the company's visibility. Getting involved with the Institute by serving on the advisory board or participating in conferences, seminars, symposia, or lecture series are many ways to add value for mutual growth and nurture relationship.

  • Access Core Facilities

    IIT Delhi offers world-class scientific research facilities for short-term or long-term hire. Each facility has, trained staff members to help you with your needs and provide customized solutions.

  • Bespoke training programs

    We believe it is your organization's people who generate your competitive edge. The investment in your employees' learning and development is essential to your organization's growth and success. When you partner with our Continuing Education Program (CEP) Department on talent development programs and services, you will receive a strategic solution, competitive pricing and quick response times. Our Center's professionals work with you and your team to understand your strategic objectives and develop impactful solutions

Regardless of the size of association, all our Collaborations follow funnel approach:

"Investing at IIT Delhi can take many forms, from philanthropic routes under CSR umbrella to strategic investment in long-term research collaborations."
Corporate Relations- IIT Delhi is glad to introduce you to the opportunities that exist at IIT Delhi to ensure that your company makes the kind of investments that align seamlessly with your business goals. How? By focusing on avenues of mutual interest. Contact our Office for answers to your questions. The potential for building successful strategic partnerships between corporations and IIT Delhi has never been greater

Prof Anurag S Rathore

Associate Dean, Corporate Relations- IIT Delhi

For Faculty

  • How can Corporate Relations IIT Delhi help me find funding opportunities to support my research or project?

    An initial step in obtaining research project funding is to identify appropriate sponsors and opportunities. Corporate Relations- IIT Delhi can assist faculty in the identification of funding opportunities and provide advice on fundraising from multiple sources including:

  • Corporate Collaborations

    Researchers who are interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with industry are encouraged to contact the Corporate Relations- IIT Delhi team. We will look for and connect you with right partners for techno-commercial and techno-social solutions you have developed for implementation. We have ongoing relationships with numerous companies across industry sectors and can initiate, facilitate, and coordinate interactions with corporate representatives.

  • Philanthropy - Individual Donors

    Corporate Relations Office also gets approached for funds from individuals for programs and areas of study that have been identified as most crucial to keeping the Institute at the forefront of teaching, research, and discovery. Our office coordinates activities and shares information regarding faculty who are seeking research funding.

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