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"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

-Winston S. Churchill

Your choices and possibilities of where and how to support IIT Delhi, its vision and mission are endless. IIT Delhi provides diverse areas to choose from, such as- scholarships, numerous facility initiatives in-line with our efforts to improve, enhance and expand various departments under our Engineering facilities; a specific course or a program close to your heart; or even the general "Share the Care- for IIT Delhi's Construction Workers and their Families" fund. No matter which area you choose to support, your precious and valuable gift will make an immediate and lasting impact on the people and potential of IIT Delhi. Each and every support has an impact, no matter the size!

There are many ways to provide financial support, help us open the door and allow talented and deserving students to walk through to their future. We are thankful for the magnanimous support of our current partners who are providing such priceless opportunities to our young talent!

Our goal is to acknowledge contributions to IIT Delhi through conscientious management, and by nurturing lasting relationships between IIT Delhi and those who support it with their time, money, and effort.

"If an opportunity arises to make a donation, seize the moment. Be generous, as the joy it brings to others and to you is well worth the investment."


IIT Delhi has a multitude of ongoing and upcoming socially relevant projects and infrastructure development activities with the goal of creating an innovation impact. While the Indian government is quite supportive of many of these initiatives and continues to serve as our primary funder, it is evident to us that a close partnership with Corporate Leaders is imperative if we are to achieve global leadership in education, research,and entrepreneurship and make a transforming difference.

Some of the many Contribution Opportunities @ IIT Delhi include:

  • 1. Fundraising & Implementation support for IIT Delhi's Construction Workers & their Families

  • Let's extend the humane touch!

    Nearly six mega construction projects are expected to start on the campus of IIT Delhi within the next couple of months. Accordingly, it is expected that a large construction work force would be employed by various contractors. We often find small children running around these sites without the care of their parents, which puts them at risk and deprives them of care they deserve at this tender age. As a responsible institution, we would like to initiate and promote the following activities for the welfare of the construction workers:

    • a. Daycare Centre for the little children who accompany their parents to the construction site
    • b. Mid-day meals for these kids
    • c. One healthy, balanced meal per day for the workers
    • d. Nutritional supplements for the workers
    • e. Regular health checkups for workers

  • The construction activity at these sites is likely to continue for a period of about 2 -3 years and the above-proposed activities will go a long way to extend a humane touch to the construction workers and their children. We are seeking your support for the following to achieve our goal:

    • i. We are starting a fundraising drive to support this cause. Applicable tax benefits on all donations.
    • ii. Support for actual service delivery. Joining hands for systematic and successful implementation of activities. We are working with NGOs and IITD community to accomplish this.

  • Funding Requirements: 12-15 lacs per annum to support 30 children.

  • For Implementation Support, please contact our office.

  • 2. Education for visually impaired: IIT Delhi’s Assistech is actively engaged in using modern technology for finding affordable solutions for the visually impaired. The focus is on mobility and education which we consider are fundamental to enable any person to live independently and with dignity. Apart from working on specific solutions based on needs identified by the users themselves, we are working towards building an eco-system that helps sensitize and ignite a number of young minds towards real day-to-day challenges of the differently abled. There are diverse donation and partnering opportunities to support R&D activities in the space of “Mobility and Education of visually impaired”.

  • 3. Financial Support for Economically Weak and Girl Students: IIT Delhi strives to provide best education and skill development to students. Every year, a number of students from economically weak background join IIT Delhi. While the government has provided fee waivers to such students, expenses that they still incur (such as boarding and food) can be quite cumbersome for a section of students. We are looking for Corporate Partners to offer financial support through scholarship programs or otherwise to such students.
    To encourage and support girl students in technical education, there exists an opportunity to start scholarship programs based on the demonstration of excellence in different domains. Funding Requirements: Rs.55,000-65,000/yr/student.

  • 4. Distinguished Chair:  IIT Delhi would like to increase the number of distinguished Chairs that we have at all levels. These will help in recognition of those faculty that are performing exceptionally well, motivate others and drive innovation activities in relevant domains. Funding Requirements vary from 35 lac/6yrs to 1 cr-perpetual chair).

  • 5. Research Park: IIT Delhi is in the process of establishing a Research Park in its existing campus in Hauz Khas, New Delhi. This is expected to catalyze the translational research that is happening at IIT Delhi and will serve as a precursor to the larger and upcoming Science Parks in Jhajjar and Sonepat. This Park will house an incubator as well as other efforts focused on translation of research being diligently carried out across the campus into actual processes and products that can be transferred to the industry. We are actively encouraging and seeking Corporate Sponsors to join hands with us in deriving optimal benefits mutually from these research Parks. There are several modalities to pick and choose from.

  • 6. Sustainable-IIT Delhi: IIT Delhi has decided to roll out initiatives to make the campus more environment-friendly. The institute plans to take measures in this direction by addressing different major aspects - biodiversity, energy, water conservation and minimizing

    The MHRD has been emphasizing the need for "minimizing the institute's impact on the environment and its carbon footprint." In regard to this, the institute has constituted a dedicated and independent "Green Office" consisting of members knowledgeable in environmental issues, green technologies and practices besides Sustainable IIT Delhi student organization. The purpose of Green Office and Sustainable IITD is to "track, monitor and steer the institute towards green practices." For more information Click Here. There are several opportunities to support their activities towards creating a more sustainable ecosystem.

  • 7. NSS-IIT Delhi:  NSS IIT Delhi is the IIT Delhi chapter of the National Service Scheme, institutionalized under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India with the aim to motivate IITD students to indulge in nation building activities through various events and projects which are aimed towards the benefit of people in and around IIT Delhi. From teaching, health, traffic safety, environment etc NSS is involved in many relevant activities and provide several opportunities to contribute towards supporting their cause. For more information Click Here

  • 8. Solar Power: IIT Delhi has always pioneered the use of economically and environmentally sustainable resources. Our community is actively working towards reducing our ecological impact, carbon footprint, promote sustainability and self-sufficiency by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. We already have a 2 MW solar power system at IIT Delhi and are actively seeking Corporate Partners for a further 3 MW solar power generation together with LED lighting at various locations on campus.

  • 9. Central Facilities: A major issue associated with performing cutting-edge research in interdisciplinary areas (such as material science, life science, nanotechnology) is the requirement of high-end equipment and facilities. Besides the creation of such facilities, their maintenance, as well as the cost of consumables, can be daunting. Having Central Facilities that run 24x7 and are shared by researchers is the optimal approach. We are looking for Corporate Partners who can collaborate with IIT Delhi for setting up such facilities in various areas that IIT Delhi researchers are working in. The modalities for such a partnership can be discussed.

  • 10. Hostel Renovations: IIT Delhi hostel buildings have been under stress due to the increase in student intake and urgently require renovation. There are several ways to contribute towards providing better living quarters to our current and future students.

  • 11. Drinking water: We have recently installed water treatment units to meet the drinking water requirements of all the hostels at IIT Delhi. We are looking to install similar RO treatment systems in the academic areas as well as other venues across IIT campus to ensure that drinking water is available to everyone on campus. Please talk to us if you wish to donate for this effort.

  • 12. Waste Water Treatment: Sewage (domestic wastewater) from IIT Delhi is currently discharged to the Delhi Jal Board. We would like to build an STP of 1.50 MLD capacity for treatment and reuse of the effluent at IITD. The treatment plant shall be based on the extended aeration technology. The high quality treated effluent would be reused for the purposes of irrigation, toilet flushing etc. through a distribution network. In addition, we also aim to build a 300 KLD Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to separately collect, manage and treat the hazardous laboratory wastewater. The laboratory water is currently combined with domestic wastewater for treatment. There are contribution opportunities for these projects.

  • 13. Solid Waste Action and Consulting Centre: Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) is a mission mode project that aims at improving the state of sanitation and solid waste management through effective local governance among other interventions. IIT Delhi has performed the groundwork to establish a Solid Waste Action and Consulting Centre. The goal of the center is to leverage the knowledge and energy base at IIT Delhi to address some of the immediate challenges that municipal governments face in implementing important policy guidelines. The project is ready to start with an expected timeline of 2 years. The funding requirements are ~ 2 crores.

  • 14. Air pollution mitigation: IITD is actively working on diverse projects to tackle the problem of air pollution. These technologies/ products are at different stages of TRL. Our talented research teams have developed Near Zero Emission Vehicles, catalysts and processes to lower COx emissions, technologies to address issues of smog/ GHGs arising from crop residue burning etc. Depending upon the stage of the project, there exist various collaboration opportunities.

  • 15. Rural Development Activities: Many of our faculty members are working on diverse projects to create solutions for the challenges of rural India. In addition IIT Delhi's Rural Technology Action Group (RuTAG), IIRD is an entity engaged in driving the idea of "rural industrialization". RuTAG, is coordinating activities in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Delhi. The idea is to identify the technology needs of the region, available technology solutions, problems encountered in adopting the existing technology at the grassroots, identify R&D institutions which can improve the technology, assessment of the existing technology, find out solutions to overcome the technological problems, and adopt a rural technology through R&D institutions to suit specific conditions using local resources. There are different ways to collaborate for supporting the activities.

  • 16. Campus-Wide Internet @ IITD: We at IIT Delhi are working towards providing a fast, reliable and secure wireless access to the students, faculty and staff. In addition, we are also looking to establish an effective cybersecurity system and introduce alternate methods of internet communication within the campus. Regardless of the location, devices or applications being used on-campus, our vision is for everyone to have a seamless and efficient wireless high-speed internet experience accompanied with data security and ease of communication. The campus area network is expected to interconnect a variety of campus buildings. We are actively seeking Corporate Partners who can assist us both with funding as well as technical know-how to meet our goal of "ease of use" and "zero cost" campus-wide wireless, communication and data security at IITD.

Together, we can make a difference to many lives in dire need: our own, and others. To make a donation/ support any of the above-mentioned causes or a new cause at IIT Delhi- talk to our team.

"Communities don't just happen. They are created by people with shared goals, dreams, and priorities!"