Industry Day call for demos - Sat, Sep 23, 2017


For IIT- Delhi faculty and TBIU,

Showcase your innovation and meet experts and influencers from the industry


Venue: Main Level, Lecture Hall Complex



Thematic Areas



Coordinator: Prof. Naresh Bhatnagar



Coordinator: Prof. A K Keshari


Theme#3-Affordable Healthcare

Coordinator: Prof. A S Rathore


Theme#4-Smart Cities

Coordinator: Prof. B K Panigrahi



Coordinator: Prof. K K Pant



Thank you for your participation!








1) The session is intended to showcase innovative products.


2) Register at


3) Kindly send specific details on the demo product you would like to showcase.

The description should not exceed 250 words.


4) The submission files have to be named starting with the thematic area. For e.g. file

name of demo submitted under Defense theme must start with “Defence”.


5) Submissions should be emailed to Thematic Coordinators with copy to


6) Important Dates

- Demo submission deadline: Sep 14, 2017

- Acceptance notification:        Sep 16, 2017

- Submissions:                           Sep 20, 2017


For any queries, please contact

Your Theme Coordinator




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