1. Assessment of Functional Activity of Biological Products (Rozaleen Dash)
  2. Novel Ocular targeting Cell Penetrating Peptide for site specific drug delivery (Sujithra Shankar)
  3. One-Step fabrication of bicompartmental microparticles as a dual drug delivery system for Parkinson’s disease (Nidhi Gupta)
  4. Novel Excipients For Biotherapeutics’ Stability (Rohit Bansal)
  5. Neural Network based Fingerprinting of Monoclonal Antibody Aggregates in Combination with Biolayer Interferometry (Niharika Budholiya)
  6. Solvatochromic studies of macromolecular crowding agents in RTILs, the green solvents: Relevance to Biotechnology (Tripti Sharma)
  7. Media development and optimization for CHO cell culture (Neelesh Gangwar)
  8. Travel time access to nearest hospital vs. trauma care in Delhi, India (Richa Ahuja)
  9. Experimental Study of Nanosecond Fiber Laser Micromilling of Ti6Al4V Alloy (Ashish Kumar Sahu)
  10. A Novel Dial-in-Tool for mAb Charge Variant Characterization (Deepak Kumar)
  11. Triboelectric nano-generator (Ramesh Yadav)
  12. Quantitative analysis of Intravoxel Incoherent Motion (IVIM) in Osteosarcoma (Esha Baidya)
  13. Are T7 promoters always useful for protein production? (Jananee Jaishankar)
  14. Segmentation and Grading of Glioma using DCE-MRI (Anirban Sengupta)
  15. Modeling of centrifuge using CFD methods (Lalita Kanwar)
  16. A method for semi-automated characterization of heterogeneous aggregates in therapeutic monoclonal antibody products using transmission electron microscopy (Mohit Kumar)
  17. LTNF Production and Antivenin Activity Study (Chinmoyee Maharana)
  18. Continuous processing of biotherapeutics through application of a novel coiled flow inversion reactor (CFIR) (Nikhil Kateja)
  19. Use of HPLC as an Enabler of Process Analytical Technology in Process Chromatography (Anamika Tiwari)
  20. Establishing analytical comparability of IgG1 based monoclonal antibody biosimilar products (Neh Nupur)
  21. Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Methods and Applications (Mahreen Khan)
  22. Optimizing Ambulance Locations for Coverage Enhancement of Accident Sites in South Delhi (Shayesta Wajid)
  23. An instrumented shoe based gait analysis system for medical and sports applications (Ashutosh Tiwari)
  24. Effect of pressure and particle size variation on the microstruture and compressive deformation behaviour of Ni-Ti foam (Jyotsna Gupta)
  25. Understanding the mechanism of aggregate inhibition in recombinant human Insulin by synthetic peptides (Srishti Joshi)
  26. Implementing Advanced Control Strategies to improve the Bioprocess Applications (PRIYANKA)
  27. Modeling of Excipient Distribution in Subcutaneous Formulations of mAb Products (Vishwanath S Hebbi)
  28. Process Analytical Technology for Protein Refolding: GCSF as a Case Study (Garima Thakur)
  29. Novel Ocular targeting Cell Penetrating Peptide for site specific drug delivery (S Sujithra)
  30. 3D-Bioprinting of Cartilage (Aarushi Sharma)
  31. Effect of oxidative stress on mammalian cell culture during recombinant antibody production (Rajinder Kaur)
  32. Identification and Validation of Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors of Hepatitis B Virus (S. Kiruthika)
  33. Temporal Modeling of EEG Signals for SSVEP-EEG Recognition using Block Sparse Variational Bayes (Shruti Sharma)
  34. Material Characterization of Aortic Tissue for traumatic injury in motor vechile crashes (Piyush Gaur)
  35. Amino acid supplementation design to enhance recombinant symlin production in E. coli (Jashwant Kumar)
  36. Parallel and Efficient Surgery Simulation Using GPU (Harshavardhan Das)
  37. Silver-clay hybrid based antimicrobial plastics for biomedical applications (Anasuya Roy)
  1. Development of Cost-effective and Energy-efficient Air Filters for Engine Intake Application (Ajay K Maddineni)
  2. Record Conversion Efficiency from Room Temperature Processed Dopant-Free Silicon Solar Cells using Industrially Viable wafers (Mrutyunjay Nayak)
  3. Landfill Mining: Feasibility of Re-using Legacy Waste (Mohit Somani)
  4. Building Thermal Design Optimization (Nabeel Ahmed Khan)
  5. Kinetic Modelling and 2-D Simulations of Catalyst Pellets for Sulfuric Acid Decomposition (Shailesh Pathak)
  6. Sustainable aerated building blocks (Arunima Shukla)
  7. Anaerobic valorization of kitchen , vegetable and fruit waste (Adya Isha)
  8. Phase Change Material (PCM) incorporated bricks for composite climate: A Sustainable building solution for energy conservation (Rajat Saxena)
  9. Industrial emulsion effluent treatment process (Parsanta Verma)
  10. Effect of alcohol on performance of microemulsion fuels (Iyman Abrar)
  11. Cu(I) based p-type metal oxide: A remarkably efficient photo-electrocatalystf or solar water splitting for hydrogen generation (Iqra Reyaz Hamdani)
  12. LC3: Cementing Sustainability (Lav Singh)
  13. Biological upgradation of heavy crude oil an alternative to conventional petroleum (Arif Nissar Zargar)
  14. Phenotypic and Genotypic Responses of Rice Under Drought Stress- A Step Towards Understanding Rice Phenomics (Anupama Anupama)
  15. Feasibility of geothermal pile for green building in Delhi Climatic Condition (Debasree Roy)
  16. Bioreactor Landfill: Sustainable alternative for solid waste management (Abhishek N Srivastava)
  17. Performance Study of MesocarbonMicrobeadsAnode in Li-IonBattery with Nano-Conductive Additives (Salahuddin Ahamad)
  18. Synthesis of Hierarchical Porous Carbon Nanotube Aerogel for Oil Spill Cleaning (D. Tapas K. Dora)
  19. ZnO-PVDF/PTFE Based TENG for Harvesting Vibrational Energy (Huidrom Hemojit Singh)
  20. Control of Backfire in a Hydrogen Fuelled Spark Ignition Engine (Vipin Dhyani)
  21. Utilization Avenues for MSW Incineration Ash (Garima Gupta)
  22. Development of Fire Retardant Textile by Exploring Bio-macromolecule: A Sustainable Approach (Shantanu Basak)
  23. Enhancing the Stability of Municipal Solid Waste Dumps using Reinforced Soil Berms: A Case Study (Apoorva Agarwal)
  24. Design and Synthesis of Truxene based Solution- Processable Blue Emitters for Display Applications (Banpreet Kaur)
  25. Single Phase Grid Integrated SG Based Wind Energy Generation System (Farheen Chishti)
  26. Power Quality Improvement of Three-Phase Grid Tied Single-Stage PV System under Non-Ideal Distribution System (Pavitra Shukl)
  27. Boon to petroleum industries: A bifunctional chimera for improved desulfurization (Divya Singhi)
  28. Dual Mode Operation of Solar PV BES Microgrid (Shubhra)
  29. A PV Array Fed BESS Supported Speed Sensor-less PMSM Driven Water Pumping System (Shadab Murshid)
  30. Utilization of Post-Consumer Waste Plastic for the Production of Liquid Hydrocarbons (Uma Dwivedi)
  31. Industrial Research Activities at Catalytic Reaction Engineering Lab (CRE Lab) (Rohit Kumar)
  32. Novel approaches for remediation of hexavalent chromium contamination from chromite ore processing residue (Shiva Kumar)
  33. Tool for Energy Retrofit of Building Envelopes (Bandana Jha)
  34. Analysis of Permeable Reactive Barrier Modelling: A Sustainable Passive Technology for In-situ Groundwater Remediation (Rahul Singh)
  35. Building Automation System: A cloud based Approach (Manish Kumar Yadav)
  36. An Alternative Approach to Estimate Crash Modification Factor for Indian Highways (Laxman Singh Bisht)
  37. A Solution Processed CdSe Nano-Platelets Based Sensor for Cd Detection (Priya Vinayak)
  38. Multi-pollutant Measurement System (Jai Prakash)
  39. Multi-Energy Management of Smart Buildings under Uncertainties (Sumedha Sharma)