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Corporate Relations - IIT Delhi

Corporate Relations (CR) was established in 2016, with an aim to capitalize on the already strong relationship that IIT Delhi enjoys with the Industry and to further strengthen it by facilitating larger IITD-Industry collaborations. We have a high performing team that is actively engaged in catalyzing transfer of knowledge and emerging technologies from academia to industry and leveraging the power of multiple-society connect initiatives to catalyze cross-disciplinary learning avenues and cross-cultural solution building.

In our efforts to rise in a global landscape, Corporate Relations is at the forefront of fostering a sustainable environment for innovation, promotion of entrepreneurship, and towards building a responsive ecosystem to meet these demands in the global marketplace catering to various worldwide industries. We believe, breaking down the silos to catalyze Industry-Academia collaborations is a key to success for techno-solution building. Our partnerships are focused on delivering effective solutions through science and engineering-driven innovative implementations, giving the industry the capacity to further create solutions to match the evolving marketplace. We are engaged in diverse activities in transactional, operational or strategic mode with Industry with the goal of providing transformational impact.

Corporate collaborations offer a great platform for IIT Delhi to work together with our Industry partners to drive the prosperity of the global community. IIT Delhi's ecosystem provides advanced technical solutions, products and technologies for societal improvement. Industry, on the other hand, provides the much-needed resources, experience, and capabilities that are necessary to deliver these solutions to beneficiaries at the grassroots level. Our association amalgamates the solution- providing strength of academia, coupled with the transformational capabilities of the Industry to create scalable commercial solutions. This quest for discovery and improvement brings industry and academia closer in becoming the valued and trusted partners for providing advanced technical solutions, products and technologies for societal improvement, while co-creating and strengthening a talented and responsive network.

Corporate Relations- IIT Delhi is confident at our efforts to establish long-term impactful Industry-Academia partnerships while providing a multifaceted platform to develop stronger innovative capacities in the long run. We strongly believe that such collaborative linkages will create positive life-changing solutions to uplift the global society, create a talented and socially-conscious youth as well as strengthen our capacity for developing new technologies and products for our Industry partners. Strategic deliberations to build platforms where Industry and Academia can collaborate to support important social initiatives would go a long way in creating measurable transformation our society deserves and avoid duplication of efforts and resources.

Our Goals and Activities

  • Catalyzing Industry-IIT Delhi techno-commercial and techno-social (CSR) projects/activities; including but not limited to sponsored projects, technical consultancy jobs, student innovation activities, skill development programs, outreach activities, student donations/ scholarship programs.
  • Identifying, strategizing and harnessing new partnerships while leveraging the power of our intellectual talent.
  • Managing the execution and monitoring of awarded techno-commercial and techno-social (CSR) projects and activities. Ensuring that these relationships deliver value and nurture with time.
  • To act as a key point of contacts for Industry, Corporates, Faculty and Researchers:
  • Focus on building comprehensive relationships with funders that go beyond a project.
  • Strive to connect corporate partners to all of the resources and assets within IIT Delhi and maximize the benefits of such collaborations.
  • Organize Industry-IIT Delhi roundtable events such as Industry Day, to create a platform to enhance industry interactions with the Institute
  • Contribute to the creation of IIT Delhi's on-campus and extension-campus research parks to create an avenue for the Institute and our industry partners to work closely with each other while imparting greater focus and effective engagement at all levels.

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