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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Support

Innovation and Entrepreneurship are the two fundamental pillars towards building a successful socio-economic society. Weak linkages between stakeholders (industry/ academia/ government) and India's low spending in Industrial R&D are two of the major hurdles in boosting our innovation ecosystem. It is discouraging to find that of all avenues covered under allowed CSR activities (Schedule VII, Companies Act 2013), technology incubators have by-far attracted least traction. Nurturing young talent while catalyzing result-oriented CSR initiatives will help set right stones towards making India an entrepreneurial & innovation hub.

Promoting innovation activities is a great way to create a social impact. Experience, expertise and funding support of the established companies can simplify the journey of young innovators, budding entrepreneurs, and start-ups by providing them with a platform to bring their ideas to practice and check their feasibility. IITD's TBIU has incubated over 75 start-ups, filed ~ 600 patents and licensed close to 100 technologies which reflect our strength in this domain. Our successful start-ups are providing many pioneering solutions to diverse societal challenges.

Some of the great channels for supporting and catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurial activities at IIT Delhi include:

  • Technology Business Incubator Unit (TBIU):

    IITD houses Technology Business Incubator (TBI), one of the earliest incubators in the nation to promote partnership with new technology entrepreneurs and start-up companies. TBI supports product development, product innovations, software testing, simulation and prototyping, pilot experimentation, training and other similar technology-related work. We are looking for corporate support for funding incubators, bring in business networks, expertise and mentorship, besides capital that may otherwise be out of reach for young innovators.

  • Click here for more information on TBIU.

  • Start-up support:

    A good startup ecosystem is the fundamental need of our young entrepreneurs. Funding and support are always one of the major challenges for start-ups. We are looking for corporate support with the necessities like office space, logistical and operational support. Rendering a hand to our budding leaders early-on in their entrepreneurial journey is a great way to deliver societal responsibilities and catalyze a culture of CSR innovation.

  • Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment (WEE):

    WEE is proudly the first of its kind social national initiative by IITD, supported by DST GoI, to strengthen women ecosystem. WEE was launched in Oct 2016 with the goal to focus and ignite a fire amongst women from all walks of life to embrace entrepreneurship as a viable, fulfilling career option. In the first phase of operation 40 women entrepreneurs were chosen. WEE also conducts Mentorship Classes with global industry experts.

    WEE's mission is Million making million (Million women making million rupees (in profit) a year), to financially empower one million women by 2018 and one billion across the globe by 2025 by working in collaboration with various governments ministries, international bodies and corporates. WEE intends to motivate and educate women to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

The journey so far:

  • Mentored 100 successful women entrepreneurs at IIT Delhi
  • 50 lacs INR grant given to WEE women entrepreneurs by DST, Government of India
  • Trained 500 women entrepreneurs in Urban India and more than 8,500 in rural India.
  • Partnered with Estonia on the e-residency project (A United Nations initiative) to give Indian women entrepreneurs a new avenue to sell their products internationally
  • WEE is an exclusive partner in various Indo bilateral discussions to promote Women entrepreneurship and innovation across the globe.
  • WEE provides a trendsetting opportunity to promote women entrepreneurship through CSR collaboration while integrating social cause with Corporate's day-to-day business activities.

Click here for more information on WEE.

Some of the Startups from TBIU:

Kriya Labs:

Click here for more information on Kriya Labs.


Click here for more information on Clensta.


Click here for more information on Sanfe.

  • Jhajjar - BioX

IITD's Health Technology Initiative

Jhajjar-BioX, an S&T-based entrepreneurial hub in Jhajjar, Haryana. is IIT Delhi's next major effort to rise in the global landscape on the healthcare frontier. Jhajjar-BioX would be a planned and managed facility with a focus on research, innovation, development of novel platforms and tools of transformative value and product development. The 10,00,000 sq ft world-class facility will be focused on bringing the culture of bio-science and engineering-driven innovation at the Institute with the rigor and implementation capability of our Industry partners to create effective solutions through interdisciplinary and impact bio-research.

Rich history of Bio-research @ IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi has had a rich history in doing pioneering work in bio-domain. We were the first IIT to recognize the significance of performing bio-related research and having an academic unit dedicated to doing it.


Bio-COEs @ IIT Delhi

DBT Center of Excellence for Biopharmaceutical Technology (CBT): Targets to deliver innovation in biopharmaceutical technology to effectively address the challenges faced by the Indian biotech industry.

Super Computing Facility for Bioinformatics & Computational Biology: Engaged in developing novel scientific methods and software's for Biotech industry

DBT-AIST International Laboratory for Advanced Biomedicine: Conducts impact research in the domain of cancer treatment.

Bio-solutions for Eco-Environment protection: Creating solutions for wastewater treatment, bioremediation of pollutants, antibiotic environmental resistance.

Jhajjar Bio-X would provide access to an outstanding research community in an unparalleled environment, strategically located AIIMS-II and an opportunity to work in close proximity with Industry partners to weave a symbiotic interface to give a boost to translational research and innovation activities. It will house center for incubation, start-up companies, modern labs, pilot plants, specialized services for clinical research, facilities for skill-development programs and administrative support services (e.g. project management, IP management and more) to support innovation ecosystem.

The proposed IITD Jhajjar Campus health initiative cluster will identify technologies needs of the public health system and work towards their developments and validation. The emphasis will be on usable and affordable products and processes. The cluster will serve as the national resource center devoted to addressing the needs of India's public health system. It will focus on the development of technologies for those priorities health problems that need such solutions by collaborating with academia-Industry by establishing entrepreneurial eco-system. It will also focus on existing technologies that have not moved beyond the laboratories.

The cluster will catalog technologies need for affordable healthcare, search for solutions from networking, identifying lab scale technologies in need upscale up, modification, evaluation and provide technical support to achieve the expected goals. It will also advocate the introduction of available technologies in the system and provide support for diffusion of the technologies into the social systems by undertaking product development, process optimization and scale-up product evaluation, commercialization relevant to public health in India.

The cluster will engage with network partners to identify technologies with possible health potential and to accelerate optimization, product refinement & clinical and field evaluation.

It is also proposed to establish key servicing centers such as :

  •           ● Cancer research center
  •           ● Medtech (Bio-design, Omics, pre-clinical)
  •           ● Biotech R&D center
  •           ● Skill Development entrepreneurial center
  •           ● Translational R&D and interdisciplinary product innovation
  •           ● A coordination and connectivity center for convergence (local and globally)

The prospective tenants of the Research Park would be Companies/Organizations with known accomplishments in life-sciences domain, R&D, Product Design & Development, Product or Process Engineering, Product qualification, and production support activities. We envisage the creation of a thriving bio-entrepreneurial ecosystem with the active involvement of venture capital firms, R&D entities, and Industries.

Let's join hands to together build an impactful and one of its kind Bio-entrepreneurial hub to build healthcare solutions!