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Technical Collaboration


Some of the many options to pursue technical collaborations with IITD, include : 

Transactional Partnership

Short-term collaboration activities, such as:

  • Student Internship
  • Corporate Training Programs
  • Sposored MTech/PhDs
  • Organizing Collaborative events
  • Certifications courses and customized training/ M.Tech programs for corporates.
  • Tech Festivals, CSR Contests, Guest Lectures etc.

Operational Partnership

Research Collaborations (1-3 years)

  • Collaboration projects in selected domains with a joint agenda to address consumer needs and trends
  • A model popular early on in the relationship and serves as a valuable stepping stone to develop trust and credibility before taking a leap into long-term strategic associations.
  • IITD faculty is actively working with industry and conducted works on over 350 such projects with a total worth of over 35 crores in the past year alone.

Strategic Partnership

Collaborations to influence company's strategy and IITD's future research to create a measurable societal impact (3-10 years)

  • Platform to merge and drive a discovery-driven culture of IIT Delhi with the innovation-driven environment of the corporate.
  • A possible model setting up-Centre of Excellence (COE) to focus on the areas of mutual interest and play on our combined intellectual capital, corporate expertise, and technical leadership.
  • Better management, execution, and monitoring of joint projects. The model imparts better technical focus and efficient utilization of project in the longer run.
  • Execution of one or multiple joint projects with an individual corporate partner under one umbrella. Enables high level of sustained focus and commitment for mutual benefit.

  • Creation of central facilities to be shared by both partners.
  • Mechanisms to translate new ideas through the proof of concept stage to start-ups.
  • Training programs for academia and/or industry to hone skills for better performance.
  • Collaborate and submit proposals for major academia-industry grants from government funding agencies.
  • Conduit for future recruitment of top talent.
  • Creating a stream of future recruits that significantly reduces training costs.