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1. Corporate Social Responsibility Under Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, companies can fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by contributing directly to IIT Delhi and these contributions are recognized as CSR expenditure. Currently, IIT Delhi is actively engaged in multiple projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, seeking corporate CSR contributions to support these initiatives.

2. Sponsored Research/Consultancy Projects wherein corporates can fund research that aligns with their focus areas for technological advancements and societal benefits.  

3. Centre of Excellence is a viable option for a larger scale collaboration. COEs focus on the areas of mutual interest in technical and social domains and play on our combined intellectual capital, corporate expertise, and technical leadership. The platform facilitates execution of multiple joint projects/ activities with an individual corporate partner under one umbrella thereby enabling high level of sustained focus and commitment for mutual benefit.

4. Research parks, namely,  Jhajjhar Health Technology Campus, Sonipat Campus and Research and Innovation Park at IIT campus are the upcoming spaces which will help leverage IIT Delhi’s Intellectual leadership and R&D infrastructure to address current and future challenges.   

5. Scholarships for economically weak students, female students and/or meritorious students who can be supported. Tata Consultancy Services and Tower Research Capital are two of our partners who are already running such programs at the institute among others.

6. Faculty Chair Positions help in recognition of the faculty members that are performing exceptionally well, motivate others, and drive innovation activities in relevant domains. Some of the prominent chair positions are Henry Ford Chair, NTPC Chair, Reliance Chair, Yes Bank Chair, Consensys Blockchain chair and Microsoft Chair.


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